Group Name: Pine Creek Council of Governments

Service Area: Watson, Cummings, McHenry and Brown Townships in Lycoming County and Morris Township in Tioga County

Purpose: Provide a vehicle for intermunicipal cooperation in resolving problems, forming policies, making plans and taking actions that are mutually beneficial to all members.

Contact Information:
2006 Chairman, Paul Hoffmaster, McHenry Township

Meeting Times & Locations: 2007 TBD

Contact Persons: Each municipality has an assigned representative to attend the meetings. Check with your local municipality for your representative.

Projects: The Pine Creek COG has begun working in partnership with DCNR, DCED, and the Lycoming & Tioga County Planning Commissions on the following projects:

Access Improvements – Develop a needs assessment and conceptual design for creating new connections to the rail trail from parking areas, businesses and other recreation facilities.

Park Improvements - Identify and plan for needed amenities at the Cummings Township Park, Mosquito Creek Park in Morris Township, and other recreation facilities.

Public Sanitation
– Assess need and options for increasing public restroom capacity; and evaluate the effectiveness of the existing “carry-in/carry-out” trash policy for the rail trail.

Emergency Response –Evaluate the current state of the mainly volunteer-based emergency response capabilities.

Signage – Seek consolidation of existing business signs and develop consistent signage design guidelines for the Pine Creek Valley.

Community Character/Viewshed Protection – Evaluate existing zoning ordinance provisions.

Pine Creek Fisheries Resource Conservation & Enhancement
–Evaluate the fisheries resources in Pine Creek and develop management provisions to protect and enhance these fisheries.