Partner Name: Pine Creek Preservation Association

Service Area: The Pine Creek Watershed

Mission/Vision: Preserving the natural and rural character of Pine Creek Valley by facilitating various preservation measures through direct intercession or interaction with planning, regulating or governing agencies and other conservation organizations.

Contact Information: P.O. Box 11, Waterville, PA 17776

· Paul Hoffmaster, President (570) 753-5695
· George Durrwachter, Vice President (570) 753-8621
· Margaret (Peg) Berry, Secretary (570) 753-8982
· W. E. Toner Hollick, Treasurer (570) 753-8621

Membership Information: Information on various levels of membership is available by contacting the organization secretary at the above address or telephone number.

Meeting dates, times and locations: All meeting dates, times and locations are announced annually in the organization’s “Spring Newsletter” which is mailed to all members and inquiries of interest (mailing list).

Typical Projects Undertaken:
· Promote/Facilitate Anti-Littering Campaigns
· Promote/Facilitate Recycling Activities
· Promote/Facilitate Litter and Dump-Site Cleanup
· Promote/Facilitate Acid Mine Drainage Remediation
· Active Members of the “Pine Creek Council of Governments”
· Promote/Facilitate the development of the “Pine Creek Valley Management Plan”
· Active Organizers/Members of the “Pine Creek Rail Trail Advisory Committee”
· Promote/Facilitate the development of the “Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan”
· Active Organizers/Members of the “Pine Creek Watershed Council”
· Promote/Facilitate “Pine Creek COG’s PA Wilds Initiative”

Paul Hoffmaster


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