Project Name: Pine Creek Watershed Council

Project Description: The Steering Committee that developed the Pine Creek Watershed River Conservation Plan has very strong ownership in the plan because they wrote it. It wasn’t done by a consultant or outside group “for hire.” During our deliberations it was clear that this dedicated group of residents and partners would be very effective in the implementation and guidance necessary for the long haul. The plan (page 9) actually addresses this issue:

E. Implementing the Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan
"The Growing Greener initiative has created an increasing awareness of the potential for local citizens' groups to contribute to healthy communities. The Pine Creek watershed has had the advantage of two watershed associations operating in the region for many years. Due to several constraints, one physical (the Cedar Run Narrows), one political (Tioga/Lycoming County Line) these groups have not often communicated or worked together much in the past. This has changed since August 17, 2001. On that date the groups that would morph into the Steering Committee for this Rivers Conservation Plan met for the first time. Included were representatives from each of the watershed groups. Now these organizations find they are working together for the entire watershed. To date the Steering Committee has had strong representation from both north and south in the watershed. While both groups have had different mission statements in the past, we all realize the unique experience we have had cooperating and joining forces. This new outlook will undoubtedly require new tools and support for the implementation of the Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan. One possible outcome and segue to the Early Implementation Projects listed below would be to empower the Steering Committee to morph, yet again, into an organization to facilitate these and other projects."

Project Goals: Further the implementation of the River Conservation Plan for the Pine Creek Watershed. See Holistic Goal for the Pine Creek Watershed (below).

Project timeline-general: On-going

Contact Info: Jim Weaver, Chair Pine Creek Watershed Council and Endless Mountains RC&D.

Project photos:

Holistic Goal for the Pine Creek Watershed Council
A Work in Progress - Concept approved March 3, 2006

Statement of Intent: The Pine Creek Watershed Council is a locally driven ad hoc group of watershed residents, organizations and agencies that have a commitment to respecting and improving our watershed.

Quality of Life – What We Value: Any definition of quality of life unique to the character of Pine Creek includes: Contentment, clean air and water, safe and affordable recreation, a safe community, biodiversity, opportunity for solitude, education, understanding the watershed and its heritage, economy, social comfort and security. It must be uncongested but accessible, provide opportunity to observe wildlife and nature, it is innate in all of us. Part of our quality of life includes what we take for granted - majestic scenery and good friends. To this we value:

Freedom & individual responsibility
Altruism-selfless commitment
Trust in people and process
Peace & quiet - Solitude x2
Protecting our crown jewel
Roots, love and respect for this special place
Wild beauty in the “sticks”
Environmental Ethics
Mother Earth – “Love your mother”
Collaboration and consensus
Watershed Health – viable communities, clean streams
scenic views, sustainable forests & farms
Tolerance and inclusiveness
Responsible and responsive government
Help ever/hurt never

Forms of Production – How we will foster our quality of life

Future Resource Base – Our Vision

We will need the following far into the future to sustain the beauty, health and well being of the people and communities - all life - in the watershed. A well planned mix of “wilderness” and strong vibrant communities with healthy forests, and open space. We will support profitable, appropriate agriculture with a strong local food system. We will encourage an engaged citizenry firmly grounded in consensus based democracy. There will be no four lanes but a welcome mat for like minded souls that have discovered the crown jewel of the Commonwealth. We will appreciate the people who come and care. We will stand for what we stand on and include Raven and Brook Trout in our deliberations.