Project Name: Wilson Creek Watershed Management Plan & Grazing Demo

Project Description: The Babb Creek Watershed Association and the Tioga County Conservation District are partnering on this early implementation project of the Pine Creek Watershed River Conservation Plan. This project is on the agricultural impaired section in the headwaters of Wilson Creek. We are developing a watershed management plan and have two grazing demonstration projects on the Coolidge Hollow tributary. Funding provided by Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Community Conservation Partnership Program.

Project Goals: Develop a watershed management plan with public participation and demonstrate the value of grazing riparian buffers with proper planned grazing management.

Project Timeline:

  • Assessments of the headwaters tributaries – Fall 2005
  • Installation of Fencing and Grazing - Spring 2006
  • Public Meetings – Summer 2006
  • Monitoring of Riparian Areas – Ongoing
  • Final Report for Management Plan – Winter 2006
  • Final Report of Grazing Demonstration 2008
  • Lycoming College Clean Water Initiative Conclusions, with Pre and Post Pictures 2013 (pdf file here)

Contact Info for the public: Tioga County Conservation District

Project photos:

Baseline Biological Monitoring of Grazing Demo Site


Condition of Riparian Area Prior to Grazing Management