The Plan

Creating the Rivers Conservation Plan over seven years allowed for significant public input. The steering committee members, now continuing as the Pine Creek Watershed Council, heard many viewpoints and had exhaustive discussions about key issues facing the watershed’s people and municipalities.

Throughout the watershed, residents, public officials, and volunteers expressed great concerns that these issues may risk the very character of the resource, changing a cherished way of life. The Rivers Conservation Plan stresses that while there could be benefits from the activity associated with these issues, in all cases the natural resources and residents must come first.

The plan puts these issues right up front, because of their high priority and potential impact. The Council has come to view these as opportunities as well as challenges. Careful planning, cooperation, and grassroots involvement can make the difference between pain and gain. The plan includes a number of management options that address these concerns.

Key issues identified and discussed in the Rivers Conservation Plan:

  • PA Wilds Initiative
  • Pine Creek Trail
  • Chesapeake Tributary Strategy
  • Emergency Services
  • Implementing the Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan

Download the Issues section of the plan

To submit comments, ideas, or suggestions about any of these issues, or to become involved, complete the form on the Watershed Council page.